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Deluxe Double Mum
(pictured here $150)
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Deluxe Double Mum
(pictured here $150)
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The Dynamic Double

Our doubles are a great option for anyone looking for a mum or garter that falls in the middle ground, however I must warn you...our doubles are larger than most. They are more decorated and represent lots of SPIRIT! After all, school spirit plays an important part in homecoming! Just see for yourself by clicking on our example pictures to the left and reading through our description of included items below!

Price range $143-$154



Our Super Deluxe Dynamic Doubles include the following:

Top (Mum Design):

  • Two mums with a ruffled honeycomb ribbon double backing
  • One or two 6 inch bears (your choice) dressed accordingly
  • Several bows throughout the design
  • Several trinkets/ bells throughout the design
  • Dangling garland
  • Glitter helmet spray (garters)
  • Glitter star or heart spray (mums)
  • Double with one bear: one homecoming ticket trinket
  • Double with two bears: two homecoming ticket trinket
  • Class star trinket

Bottom (Ribbon Design):

  • Ribbon, ribbon, and more ribbon (holographic, acetate, custom, etc.)
  • Tootsie Roll braid with a bow
  • Military braid with a bow and a bell (if you choose to have two bears)
  • "We Kick" trinket with a bow
  • "Push 'em Back" trinket with a bow
  • "#1 Hand" with a pom-pom bow

Just for the Gals' mums (to keep it girly):

  • Puff heart with a bow
  • Megaphone with a bow and a bell
  • Open star garland with a good luck rabbit's foot

Just for the Boys' garters (to keep it manly):

  • Large football with a bow
  • Football garland with a good luck rabbit's foot
  • Whistle


Special Notes:

*Girl Bears are dressed in a feather top with a skirt; Boy bears are dressed in a tuxedo top with pants
*Special interest garland and trinkets may be substituted or added
*Additional braids may be added
*Special and fun spirited accessories are available


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