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Are you totally confused by some of the "homecoming terms" we've used on our descriptions and throughout our site? Or maybe your just interested in seeing a picture of something we've mentioned in the descriptions. Whatever the case may be, we've decided to provide our customers with a glossary along with a photo of each defined term in order to better your understanding of the items on a BK mum and garter. We hope this helps!

Honeycomb Ribbon: this is the type of ribbon we use to make our ruffled backings
Star Punched Ribbon: this is a special ribbon we use to make the larger bows for our triple mums and garters.  
Holographic Ribbon: ribbon that really sparkles and is used in combination with acetate ribbon to represent school colors.
Acetate Ribbon: color ribbon used with the holographic ribbon to represent school colors.  
Custom Ribbon: ribbon that is custom printed.  
Flat ZigZag Braid: two color braid that looks like a zigzag. (see picture)
Military Braid: two color braid; also called the love chain. (see picture)
Tootsie Roll Braid (diamond): two color (very neat) spiral braid, like a tootsie roll, with a diamond pattern between the colors. (see picture)  
Toosie Roll Braid (spiral): two color (very neat) spiral braid, like a tootsie roll, with a spiral pattern between the color. (see picture)  
Trinkets: fun, spirited items that enhance school spirit or special student interests.
Glitter Helmet, Heart, and Star Sprays: fun litter sprays in the shape of helmets, hearts, and stars. (see picture)  
Garland: gold or silver plastic strands with figures that represent school spirit and special student interests. (see picture)  
CraziCurls: crazy, curly, fun holographic streamers (small).  
Open Glitter Star: this is a large, open glitter star that we use on the mum design.  


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